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Future Echoes is Sweden’s new showcase festival that kicks off the 16-18th September, 2021 in Norrköping, Sweden. The festival will be held annually in February starting in 2022 and will have 100 artists from around the world + international music conference with international speakers. 

Our mission : Booking, European coordination and communication management.

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The former BalconyTV Madrid and still a platform to showcase new emerging talent from all over the globe. Introducing a new artist every week.

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CASHBOX Radio has been carefully organized and staffed with a team of industry veejays, djs, musicians and marketing professionals that have built a radio platform to feature both mainstream and independent artists. Playing those great songs from the past, your favourite artists and some surprises so tune in. Radio the way it used to be – and always will be with Cashbox Radio!

Grace Puluczek : DJ + Radio Host of the daily show “Hidden Gems” and “New Single Sunday”

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