Chloë Nols, Brussels based musician, has devoted the last year to writing a series of new songs for her break out musical project "Vis à Vis". Seeking her true self in today's turbulent and chaotic world.

Chloë decided to take advantage of the covid-19 lockdown situation by creating a new sound and style than what she used to do so far. We can discover this new musical experiment in the debut single "Cassandra" that was released on platforms on 30th October. A fusion of hypnotic indie pop with analogue synths and a touch of soothing saxophone provided by musician and producer, Thomas Jillings. 

The upcoming EP, out in 2021, will continue to show more cinematic textures and deep undercurrents, as well as, a healthy dose of healing vocals.

“What an atmospheric, intimate song, with a very rich saxophone arrangement.  Curious to hear more new work.  A pleasant surprise” -- Dirk Steenhaut (Knack Focus)

"Vraiment magnifique!" -- Théo Le Vigoureux (Fakear)