OMBRA and its four members Mireia, Alberto, Toni y Joan Miquel are like a breath of fresh air with a message that so far has performed and recorded in english with previous albums "Welcome/Goodbye" (2016) and "Walk Up The Walls" (Flor y Nata Records, 2018).
"Se Acabará La Vida" is the second pre-release of the third album from OMBRA, Mallorcan catchy indie pop band, that will be out after summer 2021. This LP will mainly be in Spanish but with a few surprises to not forget the roots of the band.

They have had the chance to perform in key national venues in 2019 and at festivals such as Granada Sound, San Sebastià'19, Mallorca Live Fest, BIME Pro, trovam, FiraB and even their first performance outside of Spain at Focus Wales (UK). Stay tuned for more new music before the album in out.