Actively performing since 2013, James Maad is a songwriter and singer with a way of understanding music far from what we are used to seeing, and contrary to the norm of simply using old music and remixing. Without a clear definition of style and influences, James has provided a deep influence from the electro-pop as the main base to create his melodies and lyrics, normally loaded with force, aggressiveness and with a totally unique sound, a true pioneer.

Since his debut in 2013, he has worked with Ed Is Dead, 1101vs13 or Guille Mostaza among others, besides having supported important artists from the international music scene such as Beth Ditto, Stavroz or Binkbeats.

James also had the opportunity to perform in the last year in the main venues of Madrid and Barcelona such as Joy Eslava, Apolo2, Moby Dick, Café La Palma or Siroco among others, as well as the Malasaña neighborhood festivities or the Mercado de Diseño in Madrid where he again gave a unique performance against the mainstream. New music with a twist out next year?