Jack in Water is the artist name of William Clapson. He was brought up in a little village in Essex and grew up listening to the different musical influences of his parents. His Dad introduced him to a whole host of melancholy and drama created by bands such as Radiohead and The Blue Nile. Whilst at his Mum’s house, the living room was mostly full of the powerful R&B and soul voices like Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. It was this mix of post rock melancholy instrumentation, partnered with the emotional soulful voice of some of the greats that really drove him to make the music he does today.

His latest work is his most personal to date, looking back on his childhood memories and relationships, digging back into uncomfortable emotions and abuse, in order to process past traumas and appreciate the person he is now. “When you’re no longer tangled up in its ups and downs but you’re still able to see that you’re inevitably a result of everything that’s happened to you so far” William explained. “Being able to reflect on my upbringing has been quite therapeutic, and also difficult at times.

For fans of: Tom OdellRoo Panes, Ed Harcourt, Sijan Stevens and Patrick Watson