Evolving colourful drama in the world of Alternative Indie Pop: Powerful, raw and emotional.

ATZUR is probably the only Spanish-Austrian duo in the world of indie pop that met on Tinder. With songs written from different places mentally and emotionally, ATZUR dives deep in the extreme feelings, where wild and raw drums meet dramatic and epic melodies. Patricia, who graduated in Fashion Design and is head of her own fashion label, is a fierce frontwoman, with a strong sense of aesthetics that flawlessly unites music with fashion. Paul, on the other hand, is a renowned drummer in the Austrian indie scene, having played for bands such as Cari Cari and At Pavillon. Together, the duo creates a sound that lives between north and south, warm and raw, free and epic.

Founded in Spring 2019, the band signed a record deal with the austrian label Seayou Records and released their first single “Running”. With a video produced in Spain, the single quickly entered the charts of Austria’s Radio FM4 and Germany’s EGOfm and stayed there for several weeks. With their debut EP “Flesh, Blood, Bones” they presented themselves for the first time in 2019 at the Waves Vienna and Reeperbahn Festival. The pandemic was clearly a challenge for the young duo, but still they played at festivals like Poolbar, Future Echoes, Reeperbahn (for the second time again in 2021) and the online versions of Live at Heart and Liverpool Sound City. They have been internationally supported by their #INEStalent nomination. No matter the stage - ATZUR has the capacity to successfully deliver a fresh performance in any size of venue.

The duo steps into the future with a new EP. “Big Delirium” will be out in May, giving us a taste in March with the single “Do you feel the same?”. A song about falling for someone and the raw and powerful feeling where the possibility to be corresponded it scares the shit out of you. Dancy, upbeat and with indietronica vibes. The perfect soundtrack if you are looking to dance with your eyes closed alone in your bedroom. Catch them live next on the 31st of March in Vienna or at SHARPE Festival 22./23. of April in Bratislava.