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An electrifying mix of riffs, rhythms, beats and pure energy. Catchy lyrics, a touch of psychedelia, choruses and sharp guitars blow your mind and fill your head with their sound. The insane Rock & Roll of The Royal Flash has no limits.

Thanks to Physical & Electrical (2014, Moba Studios) and Hysteria, their first LP (2016, Moba Studios), the band has gone from strength to strength. Songs like “That Something”, “Get High” or the explosive “Here Comes The Hysteria” have led them to perform on stages such as Los Conciertos de Radio 3 or Sonorama Ribera (Aranda del Duero) and an ever increasing fan base of true devotees.

After being on tour for more than 14 months, The Royal Flash released Modern Youth Affairs (2018, Alamo Shock), their brand new EP. Producing a much more mature sound without losing the power of their music. A vehicle to express every part of modern society, such as love, sex, success or time. When the band are not performing they are rehearsing non stop and always working on new material.

For fans of: Jack White / Royal Blood