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Hola Chica have been influenced by bands such as Air, Metronomy, Blur, Foster The People and Pond. Based on guitar and pop melodies, they add samples of synths and achieve a fresh and foot tapping sound that is both elegant and catchy.

The bands highlights since 2017 have been sold out concerts in prestigious venues in Madrid and Barcelona. They have also played in front of audiences in music festivals. Taubertal Festival (Germany), BIME Festival 2017 in Bilbao, Renofest, Casa Corona, the list goes on. Their debut videoclip for “Radio Girl” achieved 15k views in the first week. They were also finalists for Best Videoclip in the Soundie awards in the 2018 edition.

In March 2018, “Mirage” was a teaser of what’s to come. The song combines the characteristics of their previous work but enhances this with a distinctive more rocky flavour. More guitars become part of the sound but without ever losing the essence of the slick melodies and the danceable rhythms. Stay tuned for more innovative sounds and hits in their brand new LP coming in 2019.

For fans of: Metronomy / Foster the People