3Notes is a music consultancy that offers tailor made services for National and International artists including management, booking, promotion, consulting, distribution and production. We believe in striving to get our artists music heard, wherever in the world that may be. Our CV includes, festivals such as Summerfest and Sziget Festival and spans UK, Italy, Sweden, USA, Canada and more.

“After 13 years of marketing experience, but a lifelong passion for music, I decided it was time to dedicate all my energy to what I loved. I began managing local talent James Maad and then studied Music Business Trends and Strategies at Berklee.From March 2017, I had the opportunity of being able to produce BalconyTV Madrid. This enabled me to see the potential of emerging artists over here in Spain. I have spent my time nurturing the 3Notes project ever since. I believe in encouraging and supporting up and coming artists and future stars in the most personable way possible.”

Grace Puluczek, CEO & Founder